Evelyn Smith

Office Manager

I have over thirty years of experience working in a variety of office administration related positions, including two years in an accounting firm and six years in banking. My day-to-day tasks at Ion consist of making sure everything runs smoothly in the background to enhance overall office efficiency and client experience. One of my favorite parts of my work is when I have a chance to help a client with something new, usually relating to aspects of the digital, paperless model we promote. I understand that this non-traditional process can be intimidating to some, and it is gratifying to see the understanding and relief on peoples’ faces when they realize it’s easier than they thought.

I am passionate about helping people, both in my personal and professional life. It is important to me to support the work of organizations that work with people who are marginalized and vulnerable. Some of the organizations I volunteer with include Salt Spring Hospice, Salt Spring Literacy, and Salt Spring Therapeutic Riding. I have lived on Salt Spring Island since 2006 and am deeply connected to my community. In addition to my volunteering, I am a member of the Salt Spring Photography Club and have been a Lion’s Club member since 2001.

I take pride in my core values, which evolved and were reinforced as I raised my two wonderful children on my own and while working full-time: honesty, loyalty, and willingness to work hard. The recognition and acknowledgement that I receive from my team at Ion makes me feel valued and appreciated. I am grateful for the friendship and support I receive from my team at Ion, and seeing my own values mirrored in them reinforces in my mind that I chose the right place to work. While having a fulfilling career is a blessing, the greatest joy in my life comes from my two grandchildren, born just a day apart in 2015 and growing more beautiful by the day.