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Ion Accounting and Tax Solutions is a cloud-based accounting firm for forward-thinking business owners and individuals looking for the efficiency and sustainability that only cloud-based accounting can provide.

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We’ll help you to use technology to reduce time spent bean-counting and increase time spent bean-growing.


Cloud-based accounting is 100% paperless. That’s better for our planet and helps keep your business and your life more organized and less cluttered.

Real-Time Financial Info

Make better business decisions when they will have an impact, not when opportunities have already passed.

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We can offer fixed pricing, variable, time-based pricing, or a combination of both. Want monthly or quarterly options? We can do that too.

Accounting 2.0

In this busy world, time is the most valuable commodity of all. Accounting has evolved rapidly over the last decade and powerful new business apps are constantly being developed that are revolutionizing the way we do business. Trips to the accountant's office are becoming a thing of the past. Documents can now be received and delivered by using simple, secure, digital applications that save time and money.

This kind of connectivity provides you with convenient, real-time access to your financial information, facilitating informed and up to the minute decision making abilities.

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James Martin, CPA, CA

Founder & CEO

Sandra Hui, BA, MA

Staff Accountant

Robyn Kelly, BA

Office Administrator

100% Paperless

We really like trees. And fresh air. And having time to enjoy trees and fresh air. And we’re pretty sure you do too. Going paperless helps not only to organize your business and save you time and money, but also to preserve the only planet we have. Let Ion Accounting and Tax Solutions help you go paperless, too. It’s good for your karma and your bank account.

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Let us help you get lean, mean, and green. We will review your current business processes, make recommendations, and assist with implementation.

  • Analysis
  • Setup
  • Implementation
  • Training

Accounting & Advisory

We will prepare your annual financial statements; that’s just table stakes. Let us partner with you to help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Budgeting
  • Financing Proposals
  • Custom Reporting
  • Bookkeeping


We will handle all of your personal and corporate tax preparation and filing requirements for CRA compliance, and make sure you are as tax-efficient as possible.

  • Tax Planning
  • Income Tax Filing
  • Sales Tax Compliance
  • Compensation Optimization
  • J.A. Ames

    Digital Entrepreneur

    Before we found IATS, I was quite worried our tax situation. I'm an immigrant, and my wife is Canadian. Almost all my income is from outside of Canada, while my wife's income is domestic. We were looking for a firm capable of handling our complex tax situation. Since IATS was recommended to me by someone I trust, I had high expectations going into our relationship. I'm happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed... if anything I'd say that IATS exceeded my already high expectations. IATS has been wonderful to work with. They're knowledgeable, friendly, organized and have responded quickly to all of our inquires.

  • Kimberley M.

    Daycare Owner/Operator

    This was my first experience with an accounting firm and I wish I'd made the decision sooner. I always figured it would be expensive and something I could just do myself anyway but with Ion it was easy and offered value.

    IATS staff were helpful and available when I had questions, and it was a fast and simple process. I was even able to sign the forms online, which was great, because green business practices are important to me. Additionally, IATS found some expenses that I had been missing when filing on my own, which saved me even more money!

    If you're looking for knowledgeable and experienced new friends in the tax business, I highly recommend contacting IATS!

  • Kris Archambault

    Mortgage Professional

    This was my first experience working with an accounting firm as I had always completed my own tax returns in the past due to my worries about big fees. Because of a recent career change my tax situation became more complex, so I decided to use a CPA firm despite my worries. The peace of mind that working with IATS gave me very quickly overshadowed any worries I had.

    As a Mortgage Professional, I get paid based on my results, so my time is very important to me. I particularly liked the digital communication options offered by IATS. Using electronic methods to share information and documentation saves time and allows for easy storage of documents for future use, not to mention it’s better for our planet.

    If you’re looking for professional service with fast and simple processes, IATS is the firm for you.

  • Robert Campbell


    I was referred to IATS by another accountant as a firm that could handle my unusual and complex tax situation. I had some initial reservations about dealing with a cloud-based firm, but was pleased to find that the service provided by IATS was exceptional. It was personable, professional, and friendly.

    In our initial meeting, I drew confidence from the level of scrutiny and attention to detail that IATS staff paid to my overall financial situation. Accurate and efficient tax return preparation is critical to me financially, as I have recently retired from one career and am starting my own business.

    IATS exceeded my expectations on every level, and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

  • Russell D.

    Journeyman Electrician

    I’m generally not comfortable with tax return preparation, so I had a couple of years that needed to be filed because I had been putting it off.  In the past, I had always run into one of the discount tax preparation outfits at the last minute and let them prepare my taxes. IATS was recommended to me by a friend, so I decided to try them. IATS staff took the time to really understand my situation and let me know the best path forward. They were even able to help track down some documentation that I was having a hard time getting my hands on. IATS maximized my return for the years they prepared, and even reviewed my prior years’ filings and found more money that will soon be in my pocket! IATS made everything easy and I highly recommend them to anyone who asks.

  • Matt Amedro

    Owner, MJA Plumbing Services

    Before coming to IATS I assumed working with an accountant would be like speaking to someone who spoke a different language. I thought I would just have to hand over my information hope that things were being done right. After my initial meeting with IATS, I felt like they were people I could relate to. They took the time to explain the accounting process so that I could see how everything fit together. IATS helps me feel like I am part of the process instead of just a bystander.

    I would highly recommend IATS not only because of the quality service they provide but also because they are responsive to my needs and genuinely concerned about the success of my business. I am confident that with IATS in my corner I can focus on achieving that success.


We use some of the most popular and efficient financial software and apps that allow us to easily collaborate with you in real time, from anywhere. No more stacks of paper or trips to the post office.